Malibu & Axis Year End Sale




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Sale ends December 16th, 2015




The very first 100% electric Malibu Boat!!

A 23 LSV with 3 huge batteries totaling 2250 pounds creates an unbelievable wave! Our experience riding:

· The torque to reach 30mph is equivalent to the 450 Corvette engine…if not more

· When making a surf wave, we only needed to fill the original ballasts and did not even need to use the power wedge thanks to the weight of the batteries, the wave was already huge

· The fact that there is so silent, only the sound of the wind and the water hit the hull gives a completely different feeling

· we could almost say we are really surfing because of the lack of noise coming from the engine

With the joint collaboration of LTS Marine, we now offer the possibility of transforming your Malibu or Axis into an electric boat!

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